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    Name: Quinn Fabray

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Grade: Junior

    Glee Club: Yes

    Cheerios: Yes

    Sport/s: No

    School/Town: William McKinley High

    Brief History:
    Quinn was head of the cheerios (cheerleading) and was also the popular girl dating the football star Finn. After she keeps seeing Finn and Rachel together, she joins the glee club intending to destroy it and get her boyfriend back and keep an eye on him. Afterwards, Quinn finds out that she is pregnant, even though she is captain of the Celibacy Club. She tells Finn and he says that they "Never had sex" but she convinces him that when they were in a jacuzzi he accidentally "erupted" and that sperm travels faster underwater. But then it turns out that Finn is not really the father, Puck is. And she keeps it from him. Also, while she is pregnant, she is going to give the baby to Terri (Will's Wife) Who is not really pregnant but does not want to tell Will. In the episode that aired October 21, Quinn then finds out that she is kicked off of the cheerios by Sue Sylvester (The coach) because she cannot have a pregnant girl on the team, and finally Quinn wears regular clothes.

    She was kicked out of her home by her parents and now has reconciled with Puck and lives with his family. After her "fall from grace," Quinn decided to author the Glist, a character assassination document to boost her own fallen ego. Mr. Schuester found out about it, but decided that her remorse was enough punishment.

    Mercedes offered Quinn a place to stay after realizing they had things in common. She has recently reconciled with her Mother after her Father had an affair with a "tattooed freak." Her baby was born after the regionals performance and adopted by Shelby Corcoran.

    Actor/Actress: Dianna Agron

    No. I didn't do her Looks. You know how amazing she looks and she's really beautiful.
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    Great job Bunny. Quinn looks really nice. Accepted.

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