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    Willow "Willie" Heroen Empty Willow "Willie" Heroen

    Post  Tina C on Fri May 06, 2011 10:00 pm

    Name: Willow "Willie" Heroen

    Gender: Female

    Age: 14 almost 15

    Grade: Freshmen

    Glee Club: New Directions

    Cheerios: Yup

    Sports: I have so many after school sports from archery to Ti Kwon Do

    School/town: Micknely High/Lima

    Looks: I'm very tall to say the least. I tower over most girls and a few short guys. I'm a size 9 but often wear some clothes a couple sizes too big. I have have wavey hair that looks like fire in the sun;it's neither red or yellow and comes to just the small of my back. I have aqua blue eyes that gleam with exsitement or humor or any emotion really. I have tanned skin and often smile. I wear either cute street clothes or Cheerios! uniform. My hair is often up and out of my face. I have a few dark freackles across the bridge of my nose.

    Breif History: I grew up in a small town known as Bolivar MO. I've always been in cheerleading and love being active. After the 7th grade and one of my clostest friends got out of a mental hospitle for trying to kill herself, (I've never really been the same.), I moved to Lima and made some new friends yet still stayed in touch with my old ones. I joined Cheerios! and met Quinne, Santana and Brittney. I sooned learned about my ability to sing and dance. Later I joined glee club and now I'm having the time of my life. Also I'm one of the youngest in Glee club seeing how I'm 14 (but almost 15.)I'm wanting to be good friends with Sam Evans and Noah Puckermen.

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    Willow "Willie" Heroen Empty Re: Willow "Willie" Heroen

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