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    Name: Ava-Jayde "AJ" Banks

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Grade: Junior

    Glee Club: Yes

    Cheerios: No

    Sport/s: No

    School/Town: McKinley/Lima

    Looks: AJ has long dark brown hair and blueish gray eyes with a bit of green in them. She is tallish and paleish. She usually wears dark clothes, combat boots, dark make up and red lipstick. She wears a ring on every single finger and wears leather bracelets. She paints her nails black and keeps them short.

    Brief History: AJ grew up in Boston but her family just moved to Lima during.the summer. She had always been rediculed and picked on because she is a lesbian, and a proud one at that. Her mom and grandma didn't accept it but her dad and grandpa did. When she was 9 she took singing lessons and guitar lessons. She quickly became a juvi kid and constantly shoplifted and got into fights. Her parents moved to AJ a fresh start.

    Actor/Actress: Elizabeth Gillies

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