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    Cassie Achelle Marchovi. Erins810

    [[I'd do it smaller, but too tired.]]

    Cassidee “Cassie” Achelle "Ay-KELL" Marchovi.

    origin/location of birth

    Cassie was born in Toledo, Ohio, moving away at the age of thirteen, due to a stalker, whom threatened rape--with “success.”


    She blows out sixteen candles on February 14th aka Valentine’s Day, which she renamed “hell,” cursing her with a sh-tty romantic life.


    Are masculine pronouns in usage? No, it’s clearly stated that Cassie is, in fact, a female.


    She’s a sophomore, making this her tenth year, excluding kindergarten and preschool.






    Football. 8D She loves being the only girl. Manipulation FTW.


    William McKinley/Lima


    Her biological parents are Anastasia “Stacey” and Timothy “Tim” Marchovi. They fight constantly--sometimes leading to physical harm to the other--and Cassie.

    physical appearance

    Cassie stands at an average height of five-foot-four, complimenting her slim, lean frame with subtle curves. She fits into a size three through five in juniors’ clothing. Cassie’s naturally wavy cocoa brown locks cascade in gentle curls, exceeding past her breastbone. A grown-out fringe falls in layers above her right eye, the same shade of cocoa brown as her hair. Her hair is often down; never in a ponytail or braid--except at night. Cat’s complexion is a creamy milk, with a soft natural blush upon her cheeks. Her lips are never painted more than a simple clear gloss, due to the fact her lips are an already perfect color. Her teeth aren’t a perfect white, but are straight--with the help of early orthodontia. Her smile is rarely “real,” in most cases, being fake, but does anyone care to seek out her smile’s purpose? No. All she ever gets is, “Why are you so happy?” She’ll never be considered okay--with a frown nor that smile.

    She wears make-up often, due to the bruising around her eyes and face, concealing with cover-up and foundation. She rarely wears eyeshadow, unless it’s necessary to camouflage her wounds. Cass has a tiny beauty mark above her lip on the right side. Cassie’s eyebrows aren’t necessarily thick, but have an almost “shaven” look--what most fifteen-year-old’s should look like.

    Cassie prefers a laidback style, with a simple v-neck, a hoodie and denim leggings or jeans to flatter her legs. Mouse slips on whatever she feels necessary when leaving the house--usually Converse or Vans--yet her size seven petite feet, are callused from running barefoot. At night. On the beach.


    Cassie has low self-esteem, from her parents’ abuse, unbelievable from her high excitement levels, giving off the impression she‘s a independent and careless, despite her personality disorders--histrionic and dependent. She overreacts in unnecessary situations, often resulting in people not believing what she says of her family. She knows things don’t magically happen and accepts responsibilities.

    Cass is emotionally unstable and overly dramatic, susceptible to crying, depression, rage and envy. Cassie’s is highly dependent on those whom are close to her, even--and in most cases--her abusive parents. Cassie lacks in faith for others, due to her rape. She is flirtatious--a result from histrionic personality disorder. She doesn’t take criticism too well and often denies her parents’ abuse, thinking it‘s natural, caging and bottling inexplicable feelings of rage. She’s highly critical of herself and often is seen as an attention-seeker--she has a continuous longing for appreciation, especially from her parents.

    Cassie acts happy-go-lucky--when she is far from it. She is easily prone to envy--usually of her peers and her brother. Individuals with DPD, like Cass, see themselves as inadequate and helpless; they believe they are in a cold and dangerous world and are unable to cope on their own, so to speak, she has an unhealthy dependence on anyone who maintains a close relationship with her.


    None--her parents are allergic.


    Cass sings--she has a YouTube account and is in glee. She aspires to work in drama/acting. A real talent is her photography and she works in yearbook and uses a Nikon digital SLR.


    She has histrionic and dependent personality disorder and is in complete denial from her parents’ abuse and rape--which no one knows of. Her parents only know of her stalker, but they never really cared, so she never really put any thought into telling them. She may have PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), according to her doctors. Her parents don’t want to give this child of theirs any medication, if it involves having to admit she’s problematic.
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