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    Gender: female

    Grade: Junior

    Glee Club: New Directions

    Cheerios: As if!

    Sports: Does beings shy count?

    School/Town: William Mckinley/ Lima

    Looks: I'm Asian so I'm on the short side of the spectrum. I'm tan and have black hair with blue streaks that come to just past my armpits. I have what my boyfriend, Mike, says "Warm brown eyes like chocolate." I'm what you call Gothic. I love the color black and dark reds. My principal calls my style "lady demean clothes." He thinks I'm a vampire!

    Brief History: I've always been shy and insecure. I'm also one of the first few to join Glee at Mckinley. I used to date Artie but he and I are still really close. We even joined forces when we thought, Brittney and Mike were cheating on us, but we were wrong (thank heavens!). One time I told my principal that my dad was the king of vampires. He nearly peed is pants!

    Actor/Actress: Jenna Ushkowitz
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    --I like where you're going with her, but you had some spelling errors. I fixed them, but remember to look over your character more in the future. Nice job. Accepted.

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